May 4, 2011

Software Translate Personal 9

One of LEC’s top products for home use is Translate Personal. This translation software offers an easy to use interface, a 90 percent accuracy rate and a limited time subscription to Translate DotNet and Translate ToGo, LEC’s web based tools. The translation engine itself is the same as that of Power Translator, so it navigates and performs in a similar manner.

The only aspect of this translation software application that distinguishes it from our top-ranked products is lack of features. It doesn’t have as many tools as our top products, nor does it support all the same formats.


Translate performed very well in our product test, and was near the top when it came to accuracy. This product’s most obvious error was the incorrect translation of Little Red Riding Hood’s name. Several other errors include incorrect capitalization or unnecessary capitalization. To see exactly how well Translate did in the tests, look at the articles and The Translation Test Format and Translation Software: Which Are the Most Accurate?


Translate Personal comes with four of LEC’s modules and a limited time subscription to Translate DotNet and Translate ToGo. The modules included are LogoTrans, ClipTrans, MirrorTrans, and TransIt.

Each module is accessible through a shortcut icon on your desktop or through a primary LEC control panel. Each tool is applicable to a type of rendition. For example, LogoTrans specializes in translating small amounts of text, while ClipTrans automatically translates anything copied to Microsoft’s clipboard. This works well for translating emails and other documents.

MirrorTrans translates as you work in another window. You could type a letter in Word and the translated version appears in the MirrorTrans window as you type. And TransIt specializes in translating instant messages and chats. We found all of the modules to work as described.

The biggest drawback to Translate Personal is its lack of features. This software does not offer full-text translation, a spell checker or text-to-speech capabilities. This translation software is ideal for home users, but not for those looking to perform any advanced or long document translations.

Ease of Use:

Because Translate is divided into four simple interfaces, this translation software is easy to learn. We found the program’s navigation simple and the basic features make the program useful for an advanced user or a computer novice. Nevertheless, we would recommend referring to the user manual in order to learn to use each tool most effectively.

Available Languages:

Translate Personal offers many language pairs to choose from including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. However, you are only able to purchase individual language pairs unless you want to pay almost triple for the multilingual package.

Supported Formats & Files:

Translate works well with email and web browsing. However, Translate can’t handle text directly from a Word or PDF file. You will have to copy and paste text directly into the translator to any get results.

Help & Support:

The software comes with an easy-to-read manual and has an integrated help section. You can contact LEC by phone or email with further questions. LEC does not offer users any type of forum that we found as a drawback to this software.


Translate Personal is a strong product that will meet most people’s needs. Additionally, the package comes with a limited time subscription to Translate ToGo and Translate DotNet. Through these are internet-based engines, you can translate from any computer with an internet connection and translate to and from multiple languages.