April 17, 2011

Software Transtool 6.1

Transtool 6.1 is a software translator Indonesian - English and the opposite (English - Indonesian) instantly, is the latest version from previous versions and the best translation results.

* TransTool have the ingenuity to translate the sentence into a sentence, paragraph to paragraph, and chapter to chapter with great speed.
* TransTool able to translate a single page with the speed per second (depending on processor and computer memory)
* you a translator? Draft translations can be completed in seconds, ready to edit using MSWord (quite make extra pocket money).
* You are accessing the internet, have language difficulties? Live copy and paste then ask TransTool translate for you. Or save your article in text format files and TransTool will translate everything for you.
* You can also take advantage TransTool as a dictionary.
* TransTool has more than 200,000 words and idioms; there are such facilities increase the number of treasury.

Minimum System Requirements At Your Computer:

Hardware Minimum:
Pentium II processor, 32 MB RAM minimum, 250MB Hard Disk, Mouse, CD / DVD Drive Room.

Software Minimum:
Windows 9x, ME, XP, NT 2000