April 22, 2011

Software Promt Translator

Promt offers several translation features to enhance your translation experience. One feature offered is the ability to select text and have it translated automatically, with the translation appearing next to the selected text. This feature drastically diminished the time it takes to translate certain texts. It also prevents any flipping back and forth between screens because of the need to copy and paste text into the translator.

This translation software has the ability to translate web pages. Promt will first ask you to input the URL and will then direct you to the website. Once you are at the webpage, the text will first display its original language and then will display the translated webpage. We were impressed with the advanced technology and accuracy of this feature.

This software also alerts you when, during a translation, there are available word variations. You can also personalize translation rules that it is not familiar with, and merge and edit your dictionaries.

There are three dictionaries available, which contain general lexicons. General dictionaries are used for general translations. Dictionary Collections is the second option and you must purchase these dictionaries separately. Dictionary Collections contain specialized dictionaries for specific subjects can be used to improve the accuracy of your translations. The last option is called the User Dictionaries. Users compile these dictionaries and add a customized and individual feel to your translations.

You can translate emails easily and chat with anyone in the world with the chat translation feature. This feature is available for ICQ, Skype, QIP and MSN Messenger. You can choose to have your translation appear in a box to the side, or in your ongoing chat box.

Promt also has a text-to speech feature that allows you to hear your translation put into words. We were very impressed with this feature as it included accurate pronunciations for each language the text translates into. This translation software has support for common Office suites such as Microsoft Word and Outlook 2000-2007 and Adobe Reader and Acrobat Pro. Once you set your software up in each of these programs, a tool bar will appear which will allow you easy access to all of this translation software’s features.

This translation software’s features didn’t meet our expectations because it lacked the ability to identify the source language of the text. The source language is the language the original text is written in, before any translations have taken place.