April 17, 2011

Software Kamus 2.0

Dictionary 2.0 is a language translation program from English to Indonesia and Indonesia to English. This program is free (freeware) for personal and non commercial. For other usage please contact us section to see Contact and Information.

Although many similar software, this program is trying different from others in the hope of giving more convenience to users.

Key features are:

-size small enough
-Simple and easy interface
Quick-search word
-Automatic search between English and Indonesian
-Clipboard monitoring
-Compact Mode
-Smart Find
Auto remove non-alphabet characters like :!',:;.?"-) \ (*/+, etc.
-Display results with color according to the type he
-Search exact same words, containing words and phrases.
-The addition of new words
-More than 41.000 English-Indonesian, Indonesian-English 35,000 words and more than 64,000 phrases ..
-20 Color / skin without aggravating the memory consumption.
-Supports Transparency (Win 2k, XP and above)

System Requirement:

9x/ME/NT/Xp/2003 and maybe-Windows Vista (?)
-Pentium II or above with 32 MB of RAM.