April 17, 2011

Rekso Translator Release 3

Rekso Translator is a software translator English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English.

Rekso Translator is an early form of a software translator that we prepare for distinguishing disciplines such as medicine, engineering, philosophy, law, etc..

Rekso Translator also prepared to have a sensitivity relation, which can make it can choose the correct meaning of the same type of word choice. Rekso Translator can also be prepared to give an explanation of terms.

Rekso Translator can translate English into Indonesian and Indonesian into English accurately in a variety of disciplines have the ingenuity Rekso Translator language to translate the sentence into a sentence, paragraph to paragraph and chapter to chapter, with a high speed.

Rekso Translator Release 3, which was developed for more than 1 year, has the advantage of good features when compared Rekso Translator Release 2 as well as other software translator.

Features in Release 3 include:
1. English-Indonesian dictionary: more than 216 000 words Indonesia-English dictionary: more than 150 000 words

2. Dictionary system that permits a user updates

3. Knowing the sensitivity of the relation (meaning based on the related words).

4. Able to distinguish between scientific fields, such as:

- Public Sector and Basic Sciences
- Economy, Business and Finance
- Computer and Telecommunications Sector
- Division of Engineering and Physics
- Fields of Philosophy and Theology
- Division of Medicine, Pharmacy and Psychology
- Legal
- Police and Military

5. Upgrade facilities at the exit of the new release.

6. Single Screen Interface is more user-friendly and easy navigation

7. The ability to translate files (Word Document, RTF, HTML, TXT)

8. Can run on Windows Vista Operating System